Hi, I'm Efe.

Aspiring Computer Science and Economics major at University of Pennsylvania

I am a computer science and economics student from Turkey, studying in the US, at the University of Pennsylvania.

I am passionate about innovation, technology and research. I strive to learn as much as I can, and apply it in order to create something new.

You can download my resume here.


My skills include data structure and algorithm knowledge, full stack web development, android development, statistical analysis. Below is a more detailed overview of what specific skills and experience I have from which projects.

I used Gatsby static site generator and React.js for fronted when designing this website. Some of the technologies I used are probably an overkill for this site, but I took it as an opportunity to learn more about relevant web technologies and practice them.

I worked on a general-purpose web app to allow researchers in Penn Price Lab to store and access complex data. I built the backend in Python using Flask, with Eve for RESTful API support. I used a MongoDB database. I implemented the search, projection and similar functionalities in pure JS, and created a visualization of the data based on location in Python using the Bokeh library. I worked with Docker for the deployment of the app.

I also worked on building a Django based authentication layer around Jekyll powered static sites this summer, where I got to work with Python in Django, Jekyll static site generator and Cookiecutter template design to ease the deployment of such apps.

When building a drug checklist app, I used Express.js for the backend in designing the API. I used MongoDB for storage of data. I used Java for the development of the android app, and pure JS with Bootstrap for admin console on the web.

When working as a Research Intern in RWTH Aachen, I got to use C++ for developing machine vision algorithms and implementing parallel computing, using the OpenCV library. I prototyped some algorithms in MATLAB too.

I have used Python and Pandas, Numpy and Scikit-learn libraries when implementing basic Machine Learning algorithms when working as an undergraduate researcher in the PennAI project.

Almost all my computer science foundational courses where taught in Java, including Data Structures and Algorithms courses. I took a computer systems course where I learned basic Assembly and wrote a simple C compiler in C. I also used OCaml in a functional programming section of the course Programming Techniques I.