Alumni & Employment Co-Chair in Assembly of International Students

15 June 2018
#administration#leadership#on campus

I joined AIS as a member of the Alumni & Employment (A&E) Committee, and then became the Co-Chair for the same committe. I am also an International Exchange Student Mentor.

As Co-Chair of A&E, my roles include leading the committee, organizing meetings and teambuilding activites, and overseeing, sometimes organizing all events organized by the committee. Events organized include a career trip to NY, which included extensive outreach to international alumni in NY in various industries, a brunch for international alumni during homecoming, and working with Career Services to hold series of workshops and panels tailored to international students.

As an international exchange student mentor, I act as a bridge between incoming exchange students and life at Penn. I draw from my experience doing research in Germany, in RWTH Aachen in the summer of 2018, and try to ease the transition exchange students feel when they first come to Penn.