UROP Research Internship on Machine Vision

15 June 2018
#computer science#internship#research

I worked as a Research Intern on computer vision at RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany, as part of the UROP Program.

I joined the Onloom Project, which is a project exploring the use of computer vision and AI in order to automate textile weaving quality control processes in textile production in factories.

I analyzed the potential of using such a technology in a real industry setting, and whether it would be cost effective.

I then implemented parallel computing on the current system to increase speed up to 40%. This was crucial because the textile weaving machines are fairly fast and it is important for the algortihms to run wihtout slowing down the production process.

I then looked into a specific weaving error, caused by faulty thread tension, and extended the solution to detect this type of error as well.

At the end I produced a research paper and a poster and presented it in the UROP Symposium.

I also studied German and got to experience research and internship in a different culture than I am used to.